The Jade Buddha

It is Hong Kong in the nineteen eighties. The British Crown Colony is on the verge of reverting to Chinese rule. The governments of Hong Kong and the United Kingdom are doing all they can to calm local nerves while at the same time pressing Beijing's rulers to the north for assurances that the rule of law will be maintained. Beneath the surface other forces are at work; criminal forces dating back centuries but still very much alive. There is a triad war, a war where the winner will amass great power. The agencies of law enforcement are involved not just in Hong Kong but across the globe. So too is Simon Garrett; unintentionally but intimately involved. Where not only his life is at stake but others who are dear to him. Their futures are being controlled by a shadowy gangster who will stop at nothing to get what he wants; a green jade Buddha of immense symbolic power. The Shi fu.

Keepers of The Deep

Nikko is happily playing in the backyard of his home when a giant bird swoops down and clasps him firmly in its talons and soars back into the sky leaving his mother desperately crying behind. And so begins an incredible adventure for Nikko in a fantastical land where the Leaf Children live in trees with magical musical leaves, where the Drongs wage wars against them, where the beautiful Gabrysia is captured, and where Nikko and his new friends must go to the Dead Place in a bid to rescue her. Keepers of The Deep is a story of wonder, of friendship, of trust.

The Feathers

A serial killer is terrorising London – but not the normal serial killer. This murderer is experimenting – just how long can he control his victims, torturing them in the most unusual way, before they die? He is getting better with the feathers each time – but that does not mean he will stop. Detective Inspector David Maguire and his partner are on the trail of the killer but it is a trail that has baffled them from the start – what is the killer trying to prove? What is his aim? At the same time investigative reporter Zack Tighe is following the story closely – perhaps a little too closely – and is proving to be far from helpful.


TheGoodReadWipe purports to be a brief history of LIT-TISSUE. Fred Nurk came up with the idea of printing books on toilet paper. It was a massive success – but unfortunately there was an equally massive downside to the venture. Of course it is fiction but maybe someone will try it.


June 30, 1997

The date is forever fixed in the memory of Hong Kong people. It was on that singular Monday that Britain handed the Crown Colony over to the People’s Republic of China. The decision-making process leading to the change of sovereignty was often referred to as the Three Legged Stool. But serious doubts were expressed and in 1987, with only a decade remaining before the world as Hong Kong people knew it was to change, a fourth leg appeared. Instead of ensuring stability it posed a unique danger to the lives of five and a half million local inhabitants and set in train a series of devastating events which threatened to unleash global chaos.

Now on the 20th anniversary of this momentous event the question is asked:

Could what is written in The CATSKINNER really have happened?